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What is the Service Centre?

At Early Learning Management, we specialise in comprehensive operational and financial management of childcare Services across Australia. During the pandemic, we recognised the need to use technology to our advantage in terms of oversight and transparency of Service operations. The Service Centre was developed as a complementary tool in the management of your childcare Services.

The Service Centre provides quick access to weekly Service reporting, detailed Operations Manager’s reports, and other financial and analytical data.

100 %

Accurate error free data

Allowing you to quickly review and share with others. No opportunity for human errors.

20 hrs

Less data entry every month*

Manual collection of data is time consuming, cumbersome

80 %

Increased efficiency in decision making

Accurately track the performance of KPIs in real time, in one place, without having to spend hours looking at custom reports

Shedding light on performance

How does your Childcare Management Company communicate the status of your Childcare Business?

How can the Service Centre

Benefit your Childcare business?

Approved Providers

  • Accurately utilises various key metrics in real time, month on month, year on year within seconds.

  • Strong online weekly and operational reporting.

  • Effective time management, more time on the floor.

  • Saves days gathering data month after month and compiling.

Nominated Supervisors

  • Powerful insights conveying improved business outcomes.

  • Clean and concise data, online reporting, fee analysis, staff compliance schedules‚Ķ

  • Keeps your team motivated and accountable.

  • Document management, driving efficiency and reducing compliance risk.

What our clients are saying

The new Service Centre is saving me so much Admin time! It’s great to have all of the info in one place so I can focus more on the needs of the centre and the children.

The Service Centre Dashboard is very useful. I like that we can track budgets and also the weekly KPI reports. Not only is it great for the owners, but also for us to showcase what great things we may be working on, or even what extra support we might be needing

Kristine, Nominated Supervisor

Young Phoenix Academy

I love that you keep updating the information being offered to owners and I like that you can go to the dashboard and see up-to-date information all the time, and drill down into it as required

We love that the dashboard collects and collates the information from our systems to give us a broader perspective of how we are performing as a service. It has streamlined our reporting and budgeting processes which allows us to be more productive with our time. It is user friendly and easy to navigate. It is fantastic!

Jamie, Nominated Supervisor

Willowbank Early Learning Centre

Beautiful insights into your childcare data

What do you get in the Service Centre?

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