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Unlock the Future of Childcare Excellence with Early Learning Management. With over three decades of innovation, collaboration, and dedication, we craft tailored solutions that empower childcare services to thrive. Our comprehensive suite of services, from Analytical Dashboards to Financial Modelling, is designed to meet the unique needs of Approved Providers, owners, developers, and investors across Australia. At ELM, we don’t just manage; we partner, mentor, and lead, turning challenges into opportunities and visions into realities. Experience the ELM difference – where quality meets innovation, and success is a shared journey. Contact us today, and let’s build a brighter future for childcare together.

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Choose Early Learning Management for unparalleled expertise, tailored solutions, and a collaborative approach that transforms childcare services into thriving services of distinction.

30 Years of Experience & Knowledge

Respect of the Client Needs, Culture, Identity & Objectives

Creative & Innovative Solutions

A Wider Range Of Services

More Personalised Service

Exceptional Quality & Consistent Results

Early Learning Management:

Your Trusted Partner in the Australian Childcare Sector

As a leading expert in the Australian childcare sector, Early Learning Management (ELM) brings over three decades of experience in offering innovative, tailored solutions for childcare businesses across Australia. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of approved childcare providers, owners, developers, and investors, cementing our reputation as a trusted partner in this essential industry.

Realize your vision for success in business

Innovative Technology Tools
for Transparency in Childcare
Service Operations

As a leading expert in the Australian childcare sector, Early Learning Management (ELM) brings over three decades of experience in offering innovative, tailored solutions for childcare businesses across Australia.

Customised Financial Forecasting and Budgeting Models

Customised Financial
Forecasting and Budgeting

Our financial experts at ELM develop customised financial forecasting and budgeting models that perfectly align with your business goals. These precision tools provide actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

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Unparalleled Assistance in
Childcare Service Development
and Operation

Whether you’re planning a new childcare service or looking to optimise your existing operation, ELM is here to assist. We provide comprehensive support in every stage of development and operation, from plans and preparation to licensing and tendering.

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Excellence in
Childcare Services

Our commitment to excellence extends to the management of childcare services. We provide regular, comprehensive reports and maintain open lines of communication with our clients, ensuring you stay updated and well-informed at all times.


Approach Revered by
Our Clients

ELM’s client-first approach has earned us high praise from our clientele. Our clients appreciate our unwavering professionalism, deep industry expertise, and the valuable insights provided by our cutting-edge tools and reports.

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Specialised Services for
Every Aspect of Childcare

Our team at ELM comprises specialists in many areas, including architecture design review, centre management systems implementation, childcare regulation introduction, and fee structure & funding implementation. This wide array of specialisations enables us to provide holistic solutions for your childcare service needs.

Expertise in Childcare
Construction, Building, and
Operational Services

Beyond management, we at ELM excel in childcare construction, building, and operational services. We assist our clients from the initial design and setup phases through to the daily operations of their childcare services. Discover the ELM difference today, and let us help you grow your childcare service and achieve lasting success in the childcare sector.


The Service Centre

At ELM we recognise the need to use technology for full transparency of Service operations. The Service Centre was developed as a complementary tool in the management of your childcare Services. The Service Centre provides quick access to weekly Service reporting, detailed Operations Manager’s reports, and other financial and analytical data to provide insight into how your business is tracking.

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Chief Operations Officer

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Chief Visionary Officer

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Head of Financial Operations

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Chief Executive Officer

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Office Manager | Project Administrator

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