Project Finance Modelling

Early Learning Management with 30 years experience in the childcare sector & its associate of 20 years in investment banking & Big 4 accounting experience brings a new level of transparency, control & performance to rolling childcare budgeting & strategic planning processes. This reporting & business modelling approach makes it the ideal tool for many tasks including historical reporting, budgeting & forecasting, analysing KPIs & actuals, modelling scenarios & managing consolidations. The Early Learning Management team will empower you by providing ongoing strategic budgeting & planning services to suit your childcare business.

Early Learning Management’s spreadsheet modelling uses Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards. The Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards were first published in July 2003 by the Spreadsheet Standards Review Board (the ‘SSRB’).

The Early Learning Management modelling approach makes it the ideal tool for many tasks, including historical reporting, budgeting & forecasting, analysing KPIs & critical ratios.

Proud to Partner with Modano - The future of financial modelling.

As the global industry leader in financial modelling innovation since 2002, Modana has built thousands of models of businesses across many industries, with their clients including ANZ, Barrick Gold, Origin Energy, AGL, Mirvac, NAB, BlueScope Steel, Grill’d, JB Hi-Fi, the Saudi Arabian Government, and many more.

Our Services

  • Break-Even Analysis
    Break-Even Analysis
  • Childcare Financial Modelling
    Childcare Financial Modelling
  • Childcare Orientated
    Childcare Orientated
  • Childcare Regulation and Policy
    Childcare Regulation & Policy
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Comprehensive Reporting
  • Dynamics and Drivers
    Dynamics & Drivers
  • Financials
  • Industry Data3-Way
    Industry Data3-Way
  • Key Ratios and Statistics
    Key Ratios & Statistics
  • Line by Line Assumptions
    Line by Line Assumptions
  • One Service to Large Consolidations
    One Service to Large Consolidations
  • Scalable
  • Trends
  • hildcare Experience
    Childcare Experience
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
    Financial Planning & Analysis

How Do You Benefit?

  • Access Timely Commercial Advice
  • Deal With Issues In Real-time
  • Engage Childcare Expert Advice
  • Cost Management
  • Accelerated Visibility, Increased Confidence
  • Access World-Class Modelling
  • Maximise Opportunities
  • Minimise Risk

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