Early Learning Management Compliance

Child Care Policy & Procedure Compliance Obligations?

Our aim is to disentangle the operational, commercial & compliance obligations which require your time. Policy & procedures for obligatory compliance responsibilities.

In order to meet the conditions of CCS approval, providers must comply with an array of Acts:

Centre Based Day Care | Long Day Care

Early Learning Management serves to automate the entire Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) & Policy process.  Each key step from adding/revising documents, getting feedback, completing approval to periodic reviews is fully integrated with built-in notifications. SOP & Policy management ensures documents have suitable information, is approved by the appropriate people, are being reviewed on a regular basis & are distributed to the appropriate childcare employees with your logo.

Quickly & easily obtain confirmation from your childcare employees that they have read Policies & Procedures with built-in attestation capabilities. Have confidence that each childcare employee is reviewing key documents, whether it is for the entire organisation or a single team. Childcare employees can access new documents quickly & easily from their desktop or mobile device.

Key Areas of Advanced Compliance

Full-Text Search

Instantly search across all your documents with the built-in full-text search capabilities.

100% Cloud

Get access to your documents without without concern over security, backups & compliance.

Reviews /Approvals

Automatic routing, notification & tracking of childcare documents for review & approval for each revision.

Branded Childcare Policies

A broad range of childcare service policies which are reviewed on a regular basis with your branding.

Regulated Environment

Track, assess & compare historical versions of your childcare policies & procedures quickly.

Manage Feedback

Dedicated interface, process & tools to manage feedback from reviewers & employees.


Track who has read & signed off on childcare policies & operating procedures with a audit trail.

Version Control

Version control, parent contribution, policy update process & audit control.

How Do You Benefit?

  • An Optimal Policy Management System
  • A Best Practice Framework for Your Policies, Processes & Procedures
  • Demonstrate Compliance to Even The Most Rigid Regulations
  • Confident, Happier Employees
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Save Time
Childcare Policy Management

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