Child Care Provider Business Plan

When applying for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for a new service, the Australian Government has introduced a new requirement – applicants must supply a Child Care Provider Governance business plan. In short, to be considered fit and proper, providers must satisfy the Secretary that their organisation has sufficient governance to protect the integrity of public funds they will administer and ensure ongoing compliance with the family assistance law. As managed clients of Early Learning Management, we take the stress out of this process and work with you to develop the organisation’s business plan that demonstrates the support of and compliance with the CCS legislative obligations. Early Learning Management will provide you with a professionally written and formatted document that forms part of your Policies and Procedures.

Additionally, our QLD clients have had to create specific emails for both their Nominated Supervisors and their Early Childhood Teachers due to an update of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority requirements. These emails are to be used to contact the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority only and will need to be updated if there are any staff changes. We administer the process and audit regularly to ensure our clients are compliant.

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