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Weekly Summary of Information

Over the past two weeks – and it is hard to believe it has only been that long.

Businesses all over the world have been scrambling to keep up with changes to not only their daily trading practices but also their finances and the long-term implications of prolonged business disruption.

Whilst the physical Early Learning Management office is currently closed, all our staff have been continuing to work full time; from home in the instance of Finance, Marketing and Operational Strategy, and in the case of our indomitable Operations Managers more often than not in your childcare centres, if prudent to do so.

We strive to keep all Owners and Nominated Supervisors equipped with the most current and useful information in a fluid environment. The following is a list of the letters, documents and updates we have dispatched recently.  

  • 12 March – Coronavirus Update 
  • 13 March – Important – COVID-19 Information Sheet for the Sector
  • 13 March – Australian Government’s Economic Response to the Coronavirus
  • 16 March – Risk Assessment Document
  • 16 March – Infection Procedure Document
  • 16 March – Notice to display at Front Entry doors
  • 16 March – Letter for Parents & Letter for Staff
  • 16 March – To Our Valued Clients
  • 23 March – Enrolment Register
  • 24 March – Nominated Supervisors and Approved Providers – Staffing Changes
  • 24 March – Centre Staffing
  • 24 March – Parent Letter
  • 26 March – Cash Flow Management in the face of COVID-19
About Rebecca Hutchison information

Rebecca Hutchison is Finance Manager at Early Learning Management with 10+ years experience in bookkeeping & accounting in the childcare sector. Plus 20 years working in childcare centres from Assistant UP to Director. Rebecca was instrumental in reducing budgets through strategic plan development & implementation for an ASX listed company. As a Finance Specialist, Rebecca is in control of budgets, financial reporting & overall expenditures. Rebecca holds a Certificate IV in both Accounting & Bookkeeping from the Australian Institute of Financial Services & Accounting. Rebecca is also a registered BAS Agent & Xero Advisor Certified.

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