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Initially I was hesitant to open my own childcare centre. This was a massive investment in time and money and I was determined to operate a childcare centre based on the highest standards.

When I met with Early Learning Management I was immediately impressed with their professionalism, expertise and knowledge of the industry. Early Learning Management is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our centre, from staffing, payroll, financial reporting, financial forecast modelling, marketing and operations.

With Early Learning Management, I know our centre is in very good hands. Their support allows our business to operate at a profitable level, whilst being committed to ensuring we offer the best in childcare services and always operate meeting (and exceeding) standards and regulations. With Early Learning Management, I can rest assured that any issues are dealt with professionally and I appreciate the great working relationship I have with all of the team. Quite simply, I couldn’t be on this childcare journey without Early Learning Management!

Michelle McCarthy Approved Provider Willowbank Early Learning Centre
Early Learning Management

We are very happy with all of the services provided by Early Learning Management. We have multiple services under Full Monthly Management & the day to day processes that have been put into place have our centres running much more efficiently. We have also been particularly impressed by the sophisticated financial forecasting & budgeting models, which they were able to tailor specifically for our businesses.

Shehnaz Moosa Approved Provider Montessori Garden Early learning Centre

Early Learning Management currently manages operations for my three childcare services. The entire team are a pleasure to work with, from Rebecca, Jenna & Leanne in Finance to Sandi as the Operations Manager. I am kept up-to-date with Weekly reports, & a comprehensive report after each visit from Sandi. The lines of communication are always open & any requests or requirements are always followed up promptly. I highly recommend this Team for their hard work & dedication to delivering an excellent service.

Tamizuddin Ghumra Approved Provider StarKids Early Learning Centre | 123 4Kids Karalee | Elm Tree Early Learning
Childcare Advisory

I approached John Hutchison his Team because of my decision to develop & operate my first Early Learning service. I had absolutely no experience in this area & needed somebody who can assist me with that. I have chosen Early Learning Management from a list of other management companies because they have an irreproachable reputation in this market. From the very first stages of the development John, Bec & Sandi were actively involved in the process by helping me in various areas including plans preparation, licensing, tendering, etc.

Seeing this professional service at the development stage reassures me that I have made the right choice with Early Learning Management. I am sure that after opening in 2017, we will provide a very high-quality service in my new service. To summarise from my experience with Early Learning Management, I would recommend them to people who need professional assistance in development & management childcare business.

Alexey Kulakov Approved Provider Creative Minds Early Learning Centre