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We are very happy with all of the services provided by Early Learning Management. We have multiple services under Full Monthly Management & the day to day processes that have been put into place have our centres running much more efficiently. We have also been particularly impressed by the sophisticated financial forecasting & budgeting models, which they were able to tailor specifically for our businesses.
Shehnaz Moosa Approved Provider Montessori Garden Early learning Centre
buying or selling a childcare service

Early Learning Management currently manage operations for my two childcare services. The entire team are a pleasure to work with, from Rebecca & Leanne in Finance to Sandi as the Operations Manager. I am kept up-to-date with Weekly reports, & a comprehensive report after each visit from Sandi. The lines of communication are always open & any requests or requirements are always followed up promptly. I highly recommend this Team for their hard work & dedication to delivering an excellent service.

Tamizuddin Ghumra Owner StarKids Early Learning Centre & 123 4Kids Karalee
Childcare Advisory

I approached John Hutchison his Team because of my decision to develop & operate my first Early Learning service. I had absolutely no experience in this area & needed somebody who can assist me with that. I have chosen Early Learning Management from a list of other management companies because they have an irreproachable reputation in this market. From the very first stages of the development John, Bec & Sandi were actively involved in the process by helping me in various areas including plans preparation, licensing, tendering, etc.

Seeing this professional service at the development stage reassures me that I have made the right choice with Early Learning Management. I am sure that after opening in 2017, we will provide a very high-quality service in my new service. To summarise from my experience with Early Learning Management, I would recommend them to people who need professional assistance in development & management childcare business.

Alexey Kulakov Owner Creative Minds Early Learning Centre