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Queensland Blue Card Changes

No Card, No Start and changes to applications and renewals

From 31st August 2020, we will observe changes to the blue card system. These changes include new laws that will apply to organisations, paid workers, business operators and volunteers. Under the No Card, No Start laws, people will need to hold a valid blue card before they work with children. People with paid applications submitted before 31st August 2020 will continue working while their applications are being processed.

From 31st August 2020, to apply for a blue card you will need a customer reference number (CRN) and photo from the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). A CRN is the number on your driver licence, photo identity card or proof-of-age card. TMR has a list of other documents where your CRN can be found. We will work with TMR to verify your identity and obtain the photo to use on your blue card.

When the new laws start, you can apply or renew your blue card online. This will mean a faster approval time for most applicants. Under the No Card, No Start laws, people will need a valid blue card before they start work. The new laws will also allow people to apply for a blue card before they get a job. This means you can be job-ready!

Volunteers and students will need to be linked to an organisation before they submit their application to get a blue card for free. Speak to the person who looks after blue cards in your organisation about this. Under the No Card, No Start laws, blue cardholders will need to renew their card before it expires to continue working with children. You can renew your card up to 16 weeks before it expires.


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