Payroll Update

Payroll Team

Due to the changes with CCS in regard to role marking & sign out times which has led to a delay in the CCS payments from the government we are going to change the payroll processing & payment dates. This will lead to the payroll fortnight starting on Wednesday & finishing on Tuesday with wages being paid on Thursday. Early Learning Management believes this will assist with cash flow & reduce CCS payment delays caused by public holidays & other issues that can occur.

To role, this out all staff will be given a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice before the change will occur & will be paid their current pay period & then the additional two days to bring them into line for the next pay run to start on Wednesday. This will ensure that there are no payment delays & all employees will be paid up to date when the new payment cycles commence. The last current pay cycle will be fortnight ending 24th February to be paid on Tuesday 26th February.

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