Shannon Sutton

Introducing Shannon Sutton, the accomplished Senior Finance Officer at Early Learning Management. Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Business, Shannon boasts a wealth of experience, spanning over 10 years in high-level financial roles. Her expertise encompasses a diverse range of accounting matters, including reconciliations, payroll, taxation liabilities, and meticulous preparation of monthly and yearly financial statements. Diligent, approachable, and driven, Shannon is highly regarded for her keen attention to detail, consistently delivering work of exceptional quality.

Shannon’s proficiency lies in providing specialised advice on accounting standards, policies, and financial reporting legislation, catering to the specific business needs of stakeholders and customers. Collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams, she ensures a thorough understanding of proposed business tasks, timelines, and expected outcomes. Her unwavering commitment to meeting budget targets and maintaining service delivery standards distinguishes her as a reliable and results-oriented professional.

As a team player, Shannon actively supports her colleagues and contributes to building capability within the finance team, fostering effective knowledge sharing. She champions a customer service vision that enhances efficiency and elevates the quality of service provided.

Some key responsibilities in Shannon’s role include:

  • Reviewing and performing initial authority of accounts payable and payroll payment runs.
  • Preparing and meticulously reviewing financial statements, such as profit and loss accounts, budgets, variance analysis, as well as end-of-year processing and adjustments.
  • Handling statutory documentation and reporting, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Conducting balance sheet and bank account reconciliations for accuracy and financial integrity.
  • Assist with award interpretation and addressing payroll queries.
  • Monitoring cash balances and providing short-term cash flow forecasts.
  • Executing month-end and year-end tasks for smooth financial operations.
  • Effectively interpreting and communicating financial data to non-financial managers to maximise the commercial capability of internal Business Partners.
  • Stay abreast of financial best practices applicable to the organisation.
  • Identifying opportunities to streamline, simplify, and automate finance transactions for enhanced efficiency.
  • Providing assistance, when required, in the delivery of other Finance services.


Shannon’s commitment to excellence and her ability to interpret and communicate financial data make her an indispensable asset to Early Learning Management. Her continuous pursuit of financial best practices and innovative solutions ensures the organisation operates with efficiency and accuracy. With her expertise, Shannon plays a pivotal role in the success and growth of the company, solidifying its position as a leader in the childcare sector.

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