Sandy McKennan

Sandy McKennan, our Operations Manager at Early Learning Management, boasts an impressive track record of more than 30 years in various childcare roles. From being a nominated supervisor to a team leader and mentor, Sandy’s depth of experience sets her apart in early childhood management.

A certified childcare provider and passionate advocate for children’s wellbeing, Sandy has shown exceptional capability in aligning the vision and goals of ELM. Her dedication to providing top-notch childcare is evident in her effective leadership style and meticulous management skills. Sandy’s expertise extends to advisory roles, regulatory compliance, and performance reporting, in addition to her stellar ability to manage, mentor, and coach nominated supervisors. Sandy also takes pride in being proficient in childcare management software programs, such as QIKKIDS. Her first-hand knowledge of diverse areas, including emergency procedures, employee training, record-keeping, and cultural sensitivity, further enhances her remarkable professional profile. She’s held numerous leadership roles, the latest being the Nominated Supervisor for a 75 place ECE centre, managing a team of 22 staff members. Prior to this, Sandy served as a Coordinator at Centacare’s OSHC, where she was responsible for managing a team of 12 staff and overseeing the health and safety of up to 120 children.

Sandy’s career journey also includes significant stints at Charlton Brown Australia as a nanny agency manager, childcare trainer, and assessor. Additionally, she served as an OSHC Coordinator and later as a Teacher Aid in Arts/Design technology at Coomera Anglican College. Equipped with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Sandy’s credentials are solidly backed by her extensive practical experience. She is First Aid and CPR Certified, holds a Nominated Supervisor certificate, and maintains a current Blue Card.

In her role as Operations Manager, Sandy is pivotal in ensuring regulatory compliance across all levels. With an impressive background in childcare roles and a deep understanding of the Australian childcare sector, she ensures that our practices align with the prescribed guidelines and norms. This helps us maintain high standards of service and contributes to a safe, nurturing environment for children. An effective communicator, Sandy has honed her skills in mediation and conflict resolution over her 30-year career span. Whether dealing with internal team issues or addressing concerns with parents or other stakeholders, Sandy is adept at facilitating open dialogue, understanding different perspectives, and finding mutually agreeable solutions. Sandy oversees performance reporting and the setting of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for ELM.

Her meticulous approach to monitoring and analysing performance data ensures that we continually improve our services and remain accountable to our goals. Her strategic insights also help us identify opportunities for growth and improvement. A natural leader, Sandy’s role includes mentoring and coaching the nominated supervisor and the rest of the ELM team. Her experience and wisdom guide the professional development of our staff, fostering a supportive culture that encourages continual learning and collaboration. Sandy is instrumental in promoting a positive culture within ELM. Her belief in open communication, mutual respect, and a child-centric approach creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for both staff and the families we serve. Her drive for excellence is mirrored by our team’s commitment to providing top-tier early learning and childcare services. Sandy’s excellent communication skills are the backbone of her successful managerial role.

By fostering a culture of transparency and honesty, she cultivates an environment of trust within ELM. Her steadfast commitment to integrity ensures that all operations are conducted ethically, strengthening the trust our clients place in us. As Operations Manager, Sandy plays a significant role in business development and service expansion initiatives. Through her extensive industry knowledge and innovative thinking, she identifies potential avenues for growth, ensuring that ELM continues to expand its services and remain at the forefront of the early childhood education sector.

Under her watch, Sandy aims to promote a positive culture at ELM, foster effective communication with all stakeholders, and contribute towards business development and service expansion. We are confident that Sandy’s proven leadership skills, together with her passion and integrity, will continue to drive ELM to new heights.

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