Naomi Freney

Meet Naomi Freney, the versatile Office Manager | Project Administrator with a passion for thriving in dynamic environments. With a strong understanding of the childcare sector, Naomi actively supports a small office and client base across Australia. In her role, she works closely with project team members, managers, and leads to ensure efficient organisational projects.

As an expert in administrative tasks, Naomi adeptly handles document and information distribution, resource management, contract negotiations, record maintenance, staff coordination, recommending corrective actions, and even hiring contractors. Her hands-on approach to her position enables her to analyse business operations and identify customer needs, effectively bridging the gap between the two.

Naomi serves as a vital bridge between employees, clients, suppliers, and the marketing team. She plays a pivotal role in planning, implementing, and monitoring marketing, branding, and advertising activities to enhance clients’ brand image and increase customer satisfaction.

One of Naomi’s greatest strengths lies in her genuine interest in learning about clients and their background stories. Before commencing any project, she works closely with them to gain a deep understanding of their unique situation, allowing her to develop clear, workable solutions that meet their specific needs.

With her outstanding communication skills and ability to foster strong relationships, Naomi brings a sense of unity and collaboration to every project she undertakes. Her dedication to facilitating seamless operations and driving organisational success makes her an invaluable asset in the childcare sector.

Whether it’s managing administrative tasks, coordinating projects, improving brand image, or understanding client requirements, Naomi’s multifaceted expertise and proactive approach ensure that every aspect of her role contributes to the organisation’s success.

Join us in celebrating Naomi Freney, the Office Manager | Project Administrator, whose passion for delivering exceptional results and bringing teams together creates a more connected and thriving childcare environment for clients and staff alike.

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