Mary-Rose Dabalos

Meet Mary-Rose Dabalos, the skilled Bookkeeper at Early Learning Management. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and over 7 years of extensive financial experience, Mary-Rose is a valuable asset to the finance team, proficient in handling all aspects of bookkeeping, from general tasks to efficient payroll management. Her expertise has been honed through working with large-scale manufacturing and distribution companies, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of complex financial processes.

At Early Learning Management, Mary-Rose plays a pivotal role in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of accounting files. She meticulously maintains up-to-date records and collaborates closely with the Nominated Supervisors to gather all necessary documentation, facilitating the smooth and timely production of end-of-month reports for our esteemed clients. Her commitment to excellence ensures that clients receive reliable and detailed financial insights that empower them in making informed decisions.

Mary-Rose’s approach to client interaction revolves around effective communication. She values the opportunity to assist clients with tailored solutions for their bookkeeping and payroll needs. Her dedication to understanding clients’ challenges and providing expert guidance makes her a trusted partner in their financial journey.

As a skilled Bookkeeper, Mary-Rose thrives on delivering exceptional service to clients, leveraging her expertise to address their unique requirements. Whether it’s ensuring accurate bookkeeping records or streamlining payroll processes, Mary-Rose is passionate about supporting clients in achieving their financial goals.

Beyond her bookkeeping prowess, Mary-Rose’s problem-solving skills allow her to proactively identify opportunities for process improvement. She is always ready to offer innovative solutions that optimise financial operations and enhance efficiency for clients. With her attention to detail and analytical mindset, she ensures that financial transactions are recorded accurately and efficiently.

With Mary-Rose Dabalos as part of the team, Early Learning Management is well-equipped to deliver top-notch financial services to clients. Her commitment to providing exceptional solutions and fostering strong client relationships ensures Early Learning Management remains a trusted partner in the childcare sector, making a positive impact on the growth and success of childcare services. Whether it’s managing bookkeeping tasks or streamlining payroll procedures, Mary-Rose’s dedication to excellence sets the standard for financial proficiency and client satisfaction.

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