Mary-Jane Burstow

Introducing Mary-Jane Burstow, Operations Manager at Early Learning Management: Mary-Jane Burstow is a dedicated and accomplished Childcare Business Leader with a wealth of experience in managing and overseeing the operations of childcare services. With a deep understanding of early childhood education and care, Mary-Jane is committed to providing exceptional care and education to children and building strong, positive relationships with Approved Providers and Persons with Management or Control.

As an Operations Manager, Mary-Jane excels in fostering positive working relationships with stakeholders, including Approved Providers and Persons with Management or Control. She understands the importance of understanding individuals as unique and respecting their experiences and values. By gaining insights into their aspirations and organisations, Mary-Jane aligns her decisions with their perspectives, thereby enhancing service performance and strengthening the bond between herself and the stakeholders.

Mary-Jane’s advisory role is crucial to the success of childcare services. She serves as an invaluable advisor to the organisation, offering strategic guidance, promoting a professional learning community, connecting with families and the community, and leading educational programs. Her expertise in administrative management ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, efficient systems, and continuous quality improvement.

In maintaining regulatory compliance, Mary-Jane’s comprehensive knowledge of the National Quality Framework and ACECQA ensures the childcare service operates within legal parameters. She effectively communicates changes in regulations and guides the team to meet their obligations under the law.

As a skilled mediator and conflict resolver, Mary-Jane adeptly handles conflicts between various stakeholders, ensuring a harmonious work environment and promoting effective problem-solving.

Mary-Jane’s role in performance reporting is instrumental in capturing and analysing service performance, budget usage, and key metrics. Her ability to communicate complex information clearly and concisely helps strategic decision-making and continual growth.

She understands the significance of mentoring and coaching the Nominated Supervisor to enhance their skills, professional growth, and leadership development. By fostering a positive culture in early learning management and childcare services, Mary-Jane creates a thriving environment where staff feels valued, encouraged, and motivated to excel.

Mary-Jane’s exceptional communication skills, honesty, and integrity further strengthen the organisational culture. She upholds a forward-looking approach, ensuring the childcare service remains successful and sustainable in the long term.

As a proactive business promoter, Mary-Jane actively seeks new clients, promotes service expansion, and builds strong relationships within the childcare sector. Her passion for building strong teams and providing exceptional care ensures Early Learning Management remains a leader in the industry.

Mary-Jane Burstow’s commitment to excellence and her passion for providing exceptional childcare services make her an invaluable asset as Operations Manager at Early Learning Management. Her leadership and dedication drive the success and quality of childcare services under her management, positively impacting the lives of children and families in the community.

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