Jenna Dawes

As Head of Financial Operations (HFO), Jenna plays a pivotal role in supporting the overall business of Early Learning Management (ELM). Working closely with the CEO and COO, Jenna collaborates to align financial strategies with the organisation’s broader goals and objectives.

Her expertise in financial matters, including budget development, planning, and reporting, ensures that ELM operates with utmost financial transparency and efficiency. Jenna’s adept management of accounts, payroll, and financial reporting for both ELM and its clients guarantees sound financial governance across the organisation.

Jenna’s collaborative approach extends beyond financial matters. She actively partners with the Management Team to contribute her financial and operational expertise in the development and implementation of organisational strategies, policies, and government funding applications. Her insights and reports facilitate informed decision-making, driving ELM’s growth and success.

With a keen eye on continuous improvement, Jenna champions the Finance Evolution, embraces digital transformation, and implements initiatives that enhance Finance Operations processes. By staying at the forefront of accounting packages and processes, Jenna ensures that ELM remains adaptable and efficient in a rapidly evolving industry.

As a vital point of contact for inquiries related to financial operations, Jenna provides invaluable support to various teams within ELM. Her approachable nature and proactive attitude make her an approachable resource for resolving financial queries and promptly addressing concerns.

In her role as HFO, Jenna holds a holistic view of ELM’s financial performance, monitoring and controlling all programs of work and activities to ensure that resources are effectively allocated. Her expertise in producing financial reports and overseeing data analysis empowers the Management Team with actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

Jenna’s strong understanding of information systems and the information needs of business owners and their staff positions her as a critical contributor to ELM’s success. By ensuring the smooth and efficient running of financial operations, she enables the entire organisation to focus on delivering exceptional childcare services.

With Jenna’s unwavering dedication and financial acumen, Early Learning Management is equipped with a dynamic leader who propels the organisation towards a future of growth and prosperity. Her collaborative efforts and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset in achieving ELM’s mission of providing exceptional childcare services to communities across Australia.

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