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Michelle Rogers – Sustainable Childcare Consulting

Sustainable Childcare Consulting’s Michelle Rogers joins forces with Early Learning Management

My name is Michelle, but I have been called many other names over the years, like Miss Michelle, Shell, Shelly, Teacher, Mum, and a personal favourite from a wonderful little toddler…’Mahole’.

Michelle Rogers

​Throughout my 23 plus years working with children and Educators I am still amazed daily by young children and those who choose to learn alongside them.  I believe we cannot expect children to learn unless we continue the learning journey ourselves.

My career began in a long day care setting as a Group Leader in a Toddler room. It was here I realised just how unique every child was and how much more I would need to learn, as well as my Diploma!  I continued the Journey as Group Leader for many years and spent time with all age groups, which was fulfilling and rewarding.  Before long, I wanted to manage a centre and use all I had learned to encourage other Educators and families.  As Director of a long day centre for many years, I then assisted in building and managing a new service, which was a wonderful experience.

Again, I felt the need to help more people, so I entered the corporate world and was a Regional Manager, which saw me looking after 10 childcare services.  This still didn’t seem enough, so before long I made the move to Melbourne and took on the role of Quality & Curriculum Manager, and was lucky enough to assist and support over 30 services and their teams.  When I moved back to sunny Queensland, I felt it was time to broaden my horizons further.  This new change in direction led me to Project Management and Business Analyst roles, eventually leading to Consulting, where I finally found where I’m meant to be. On boarding Early Learning Staff childcare


As I have a thirst for knowledge and am constantly curious, I have been very fortunate in my career to travel to Boulder, Colorado where some immediate friendships were developed with the team at Boulder Journey School.  I have attended conferences in New Zealand, Malaysia, and in 2013, finally went to Reggio Emilia, Italy, which was a profoundly moving experience.  My latest studies have included a Diploma of Positive Psychology and coaching.

I started Sustainable Childcare Consultancy in 2015, as I saw a growing need to assist Educators and services to meet the National Quality Standards and enhance the learning opportunities for everyone involved in caring for and educating young children.  I have since become a Mother myself, and this has provided me with yet another perspective of learning, loving and nurturing young children.  I am thrilled to join the team here at Early Learning Management for a short time while the right leader is found to support you all on your journey.

How I Can Help You…

As an Early Education Consultant, I completely understand the need to be flexible, and therefore I will work with you and your teams to develop a professional development plan that suits you.

Service Consultancy 

I will come to your service, and we will develop a plan together that meets your needs and your budget.

Targeted National Quality Standard Training

If there are one or 2 Quality Areas you would like to focus on I can help and support you understand and meet these areas.

Quality Improvement Plan Support

I am happy to assess your Quality Improvement Plan and provide feedback and support for you to continue your work in a clear and focused direction.


Assessment & Rating Support

If you have A&R looming and would like additional support, I can conduct a’mock assessment’, and then we can develop an action plan for you to increase your confidence.

Online Training Tool

***Coming Soon*** I am thrilled to be launching an online training tool for you to complete at your leisure, which will support you in your role.  Watch this space!

If you would like to talk to Michelle about your centre, please call her on 07 5592 5800 or 0428 028 116

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