Hiring Competent Educators

Hiring Competent Educators

One of the primary goals of a childcare centre is to oversee the education of young children. A childcare centre provides quality learning programs, which lay the foundation for learning at school & set the stage for the rest of the children’s lives.

This is both a huge privilege & responsibility. Great childcare programs require extensive planning, research, & collaboration with parents. A childcare centre should have a staff recruitment strategy that lures educators who will implement the programs effectively & have a genuine care for the children.

The Duties of an Educator

The Institute of Health & Nursing Australia says the early years is when a child needs a teacher the most. A good teacher can inspire a child to explore the world around them & to express their ideas about it.

Early childcare workers provide kids with opportunities to solve problems, ask questions, & try new things. Play is also an most important part of child development, so childcare workers have to be good with kids & patient. They need to know how to maintain the kids’ attention & be able to deal with kids from a range of cultures.

They also facilitate a child’s social interaction. In childcare centres, kids learn how to manage their feelings & get along with others. A childcare worker has to build positive & supportive relationships among children.

As a result it pays to have a set of stringent st&ards that would filter the c&idates & find the best one for the job.

Qualifications & Ratios

According to RaisingChildren.net.au, the Australian parenting website, a childcare centre should:

  • Have an early childhood teacher (with a bachelor degree) for at least part of the week
  • At least half of the educators should have or work towards a diploma-level qualification
  • All the others should have or work towards a certificate-level qualification
  • By 2020, centres with at least 80 kids should employ two early childhood teachers

Centres should also determine the optimum number of teachers. An educator can only h&le so many kids. If there are too many children under carer’s charge, they may not be able to give each child the attention they require.

ACECQA  or the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority says most states & territories require:

  • 1 educator for every 4 children aged 0-24 months
  • 1 educator for every 5 children aged 25-35 months
  • 1 educator for every 10-11 children aged 3 years to preschool age.
  • 1 educator for every 11-15 children of preschool age

Hiring Competent Educators for a Childcare Centre

The management has to review the positions thoroughly & communicate what it expects of the applicant. The description should detail the supervisors & subordinates key functions & activities, & qualifications. The management should also indicate the list of the knowledge, skills, & experience it wants the c&idate to have.

Next comes the recruitment strategy. A centre has to map out where it needs to announce the vacancies. Choices include online ads, local papers, social media channels, community bulletin boards, employment agencies, or professional networks.

Staff recruitment is one of the most crucial aspects of establishing a childcare centre. Hiring managers have to make sure they can contribute to a centre’s goals & support the children’s development. Contact Early Learning Management for inquiries about our staff recruitment assistance services.

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