Green Childcare Centres Teach Kids to be Environmentally Responsible

A childcare centre that’s committed to preserving the environment is a great place for kids. Through green practices, early childcare educators teach children to be responsible for their behaviour towards their surroundings & lead them on a more environmentally conscious path. In fact, some parents prefer centres that embody these principles because they want their kids to underst& the importance of preserving our natural world.

Building a green childcare centre does not have to involve solar panels & extensive compost gardens. It can start with small practices that the management & the kids do every day. Early Learning Management’s professional childcare management services can guide you in running a centre that promotes environmentalism & raises children to be responsible adults.

Green Building

If you’re building a centre from scratch, you might want to consider a green building. According to the Word Green Building Council, green buildings reduce the negative impact on the environment by using less water & energy. In fact, green buildings in Australia produce 62% fewer green gas emissions & use 51% less water than conventional buildings.

The environment is not the only beneficiary from a green building. Childcare management face lower construction costs & utility bills, as well. Additionally, green buildings have a 7% higher asset value than traditional buildings. They also benefit your team — workers in well-ventilated rooms recorded a 101% increase in cognitive scores.

Teaching Children to be Eco-Friendly

It’s important to teach children to care for the environment. After all, they are the future leaders & game changers. It’s best to inculcate these values as a child, so they can create a lifelong passion for responsible consumption. Shaping children’s eco-friendly views is crucial to ensuring a better future for the environment.

Children, however, learn a lot by example. They copy the actions they see with the assumption of the way things should be done. As such, the management has to adopt eco-friendly practices, too. Here are some ways you can build a green culture in your centre.

  • Talk About It – Create activities & stir discussions about going green. For instance, you can spend time outdoors & help kids appreciate the greenery around them. Open topics about nature. Not only does studying in green spaces stimulate thinking, but it also makes them smarter.
  • Teach Sustainable Practices ­­– Educate kids about the different types of waste, so they can throw their rubbish properly. Teach them to switch lights off & close taps when not in use. Promote recycling; create new materials from old cartons, papers & boxes.
  • Go for Eco-Friendly Products – During construction or renovation, choose green paints & floorings. Patronise toys & educational materials made from responsibly sourced materials. Switch the traditional cleaning products to eco-friendly alternatives. Install light bulbs that require less energy than mainstream options. Reduce your paper consumption & turn to digital reports whenever you can.
  • Encourage Healthy Food – Fill your menu with healthy & organic food. Choose ones that come in sustainable packaging. Additionally, encourage parents to adopt healthy eating habits at home.

Start Right with Early Learning Management

Our team can help you build a childcare centre that adheres to the principles of environmentalism. We connect you with people who can assist in green site planning & design. We also help you develop centre policies & train your staff see a greener way.

Contact our team today for professional childcare management services.

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