Early Learning Management

Fiscus Reporting

Aggregate & mine data from multiple cloud-based applications of complex childcare service data in a transparent, easy to read dashboard.

Fiscus Dashboard

Dashboard Reporting & Forecasting for Childcare Businesses

Designed for use as forecasting, reporting & decision-making platform, Fiscus was conceived to help people in the childcare sector to establish sound childcare business decisions & is suitable for use by childcare business owners, accountants, managers, bookkeepers, decision-makers, & investors.

Easy to track actual vs. forecast performance for any KPI or account line. Automatically updates from Xero each day.

Fiscus Weekly Reporting

Fiscus Weekly Reporting is the funnelling of childcare data from multiple applications used by the childcare sector & aligning the financial, payroll & Child Care Subsidy (CCS) data into the application to produce a childcare centric dashboard of financial, booking, optimisation, ratios & key performance indicators.

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