Fiscus BI Dashboard

Dashboard Reporting & Forecasting for Childcare Businesses. Shift from a Legacy or Homegrown Reporting Solution to a Modern Dashboard!

Designed for use as a forecasting, reporting & decision-making platform, Fiscus was conceived to help people in the childcare sector to establish sound childcare business decisions & is suitable for use by childcare business owners, accountants, managers, bookkeepers, decision-makers, & investors. Fiscus is cloud-based, so access is worldwide through a laptop computer, tablet computer or the like.

Helping Your Childcare Business Grow, Improve & Develop

Early Learning Management

Our Services

  • Break-Even Analysis
    Break-Even Analysis
  • Childcare Financial Modelling
    Childcare Financial Modelling
  • Childcare Orientated
    Childcare Orientated
  • Childcare Regulation and Policy
    Childcare Regulation & Policy
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Comprehensive Reporting
  • Dynamics and Drivers
    Dynamics & Drivers
  • Childcare Financials Modelling
  • Industry Data Way
    Industry Data 3-Way
  • Key Ratios and Statistics
    Key Ratios & Statistics
  • Line by Line Assumptions
    Line by Line Assumptions
  • One Service to Large Consolidations
    One Service to Large Consolidations
  • child-care and safety service
  • Trends In Child Care 2020

  • Room by Room analysis

How Do You Benefit?

  • Access Timely Commercial Advice
  • Revenue, Expenses, Profit & Cash Scenarios
  • Simple, Clear & Easy-to-Understand KPI’s
  • Family Groups & Multiple Entities
  • Deal With Issues In Real-time
  • Engage Childcare Expert Advice
  • Gain Insight When You Need It
  • Maximise Opportunities
  • Minimise Risk
Childcare Business Benefits

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