Finance Update

It is our mission to continually shape our client’s experience via modern tools, connected processes and personalised interactions.

Budgeting and forecasting is a fundamental element of your financial plan. The finance team are in the final development/integration stage of new financial reporting. The new reporting has seamless integration with Xero, meaning your childcare business is always connected. Initially, the reporting will be distributed as beautiful printable management reports including financials, non-financials & childcare KPIs. A dashboard will be launched last quarter in 2019, once everyone is comfortable with the new reports.

All our managed clients have now received their 3-year Forecast Model Pack and all budgets are now set in Xero.

Forecasting Modelling

Our forecast modelling can incorporate Principal and Loan repayments and CAPEX. It is essential that you have confidence in your childcare model, to ensure the information you are working with is accurate when forming decisions which impact the future of your business. Our Modelling team design & deliver bespoke financial models tailored to your childcare business needs.

Our Team can convert MYOB, Reckon or Quickbooks to Xero. Save time, money, and headaches, and get the best insights from Xero

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