Top Frequently Asked Questions

What defines Early Learning Management?

Early Learning Management is defined by our exceptional talent across the Operations, Finance, and Marketing Teams. We are a collective of individuals with varied passions and strengths, who find as much fulfillment in our work as we do in collaboration with our colleagues. With 30 years of experience spanning across Australia, our dedication to excellence shines through in every aspect of our service.

Does Early Learning Management have Operations people based outside Queensland?

Yes, we have specialist Operations people permanently based in New South Wales and Victoria.

Where is the Service Centre KPI data hosted?

Early Learning Management confirms the content is stored in a Federal Government approved enterprise-class cloud hosting solution within Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sydney, Australia. The Cloud solution was given Federal Government approval, as it complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act, the Australian Government Information Security Manual, and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment requirements. We are committed to protecting your personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).

Is Early Learning Management in possession of a Provider Approval Number?

Indeed, Early Learning Management holds the following Provider Approval Numbers: PR-00000966 and PR-40036313.

How is the management of service providers and contracts (including tradespeople, electricity, gas, lift maintenance, cleaners, and resource suppliers) handled?

The management of service providers and contracts is conducted collaboratively with the Nominated Supervisor. Early Learning Management plays a crucial role in supervising compliance, monitoring financial expenditure, and ensuring the completion of jobs.

Is Early Learning Management involved in managing the Inclusion Support Program (ISP) and Provider Digital Access (PRODA)?

Absolutely, the management of both the Inclusion Support Program (ISP) and Provider Digital Access (PRODA) is facilitated in partnership with the Nominated Supervisor and the Approved Provider.

Who manages the landlord communication re outgoing, maintenance issues?

This would be handled by you as the tenant, & the Nominated Supervisor. We will assist when appropriate or requested.

What are the services offered by the Finance Team?

Our Services Include:

  • Providing guidance on regulatory funding
  • Creating financial models
  • Evaluating profitability
  • Generating management accounts
  • Ensuring adherence to budgetary regulations
  • Conducting due diligence for transactions
  • Performing financial analysis
  • Lodging Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Managing Outsource to Payroll (OTP) services
  • Delivering dashboard reporting

What application does Early Learning Management use for processing the financials?

We use cloud-based accounting software; Xero in conjunction with Hubdoc. Our Finance Team are Platinum Partners. We also use our in house dashbaord to deliver the monthly management accounts.

Is Early Learning Management capable of overseeing IT needs, including the setup of new IT systems, ongoing maintenance, and resolving issues related to internet and email?

Absolutely, Early Learning Management possesses the expertise to address a wide range of IT concerns, leveraging tools such as Zoom, Teamviewer, and phone support to ensure comprehensive assistance. Please note that this IT management service, encompassing the oversight and administration of an organisation’s information technology systems—hardware, software, and networks—is offered as an additional option beyond our Comprehensive Management engagement.

Who manages workers compensation claims?

This is worked through in conjunction with the Nominated Supervisor, however, we would be responsible for overseeing compliance with relevant legislation.

How are the Service budgets set and monitored?

We complete a budget forecast & the appropriate expenses are uploaded into the cloud budget tracker that the Nominated Supervisor populates after consultation with the Approved Provider.

Do you assist with Staff Appraisals?

Yes, we conduct staff appraisals annually in conjunction with the Nominated Supervisor. We can also complete ad hoc appraisals where necessary e.g. Performance Management, end of probation etc Membership with DJMIR Advisory is included in the monthly management.

Does Early Learning Management handle the recruitment process, including advertising for new positions, extending job offers, and managing the on-boarding process?

Utilising platforms such as foundU for comprehensive workforce management, Early Learning Management oversees the entire recruitment journey, from start to finish, in collaboration with the Nominated Supervisor. This includes placing job advertisements on platforms like Seek and Indeed, handling the contractual obligations, and facilitating the on-boarding process to ensure a seamless integration of new staff members.

What rostering system do you use if any?

We utilise foundU’s intuitive scheduling tool, which prominently displays employee availability and status during the scheduling process. This feature simplifies the creation and publication of schedules for everyone involved. Additionally, it allows for budget setting on a daily or weekly basis, offering real-time visibility and control over wage costs as schedules are constructed. Users have the flexibility to either copy and adjust previous schedules or begin anew, providing a seamless and efficient rostering experience.

Do the Nominated Supervisors you work with usually have some time allocated to work with the children or are they 100% office based?

At Early Learning Management, we actively encourage the Nominated Supervisors of our managed centres to engage directly on the floor as frequently as possible. Our aim is to collaborate closely with the centre’s Nominated Supervisors, supporting them in the effective administration of the centre. The specific scheduling of their duties often reflects the centre’s size and unique needs. For instance, in larger centres, the need for the Director to allocate more time to office duties may outweigh their direct interaction with the children, in contrast to smaller settings where they might spend more time engaging directly with the children and staff.

Which Childcare Management software is required to be used?

All of our managed centres utilise Kidsoft. All of the applications that we work with integrate seamlessly, & we find Kidsoft to be the most user-friendly. Kidsoft reports are PDF & secure, not excel sheets!

Do you manage Services outside of Queensland?

Yes, many of our clients are in VIC, WA, SA, NT & NSW. Plus, we have had extensive experience in the ACT.

Can Early Learning Management assist us with a new website and marketing ideas?

Yes, we have extensive reach back to a team of highly skilled and dynamic designers & developers, all under our team.

What is the minimum contract term for management?

The minimum contract term we will agree to is 12 months. This is because we believe that to truly make a difference & ensure positive results takes time & effort.

How much do our services cost?

Consultancy rates vary depending on a number of factors, such as the level of experience of the consultant, the nature of the work being delivered, the extent to which the work is specialist and the type of organisation that the client is. Call us on 07 5592 5800 to discuss tailored pricing.

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