Onboarding Experience

Enhancing the Onboarding Experience with foundU

The Challenge

The onboarding process is a critical phase in an employee’s journey within a childcare centre. It sets the tone for their entire experience with the organisation. However, traditional onboarding methods often overwhelm new hires with a flood of information, making it difficult for them to absorb and remember essential details.

The foundU Solution


foundU addresses this challenge by offering a comprehensive yet straightforward onboarding experience. Here are some of the ways foundU enhances the onboarding process, inspired by their own expert advice:

Create a Playbook

foundU allows us to create a digital playbook that outlines everything a new employee needs to know. This playbook is tailored to our industry and company culture, providing a go-to resource for new hires. Whether it’s dress code guidelines or company standards, this playbook serves as a quick reference guide.

Set Goals for the First 90 Days

With foundU, we can set specific goals for new employees for their first 90 days. These goals come with timelines and guidance, making it easier for new hires to understand their role and what is expected of them.

Provide Mentoring Opportunities

foundU enables us to connect new hires with mentors within the organisation. This additional layer of guidance not only helps them quickly learn their job but also boosts their confidence as they are coached by top talent within the company.

One-on-One Feedback Sessions

The platform allows us to schedule one-on-one feedback sessions with new hires. These sessions serve as a platform for addressing any questions or issues the new employee might have, fostering a strong relationship from the get-go.

Make the First Day Special

foundU helps us make the first day memorable for new hires. Whether it’s a special lunch or a welcome gift, these small gestures go a long way in making a positive first impression.

Contactless and Mobile-Friendly Documents

In today’s digital age, foundU enables a contactless onboarding process. All documents are mobile-friendly, allowing new hires to complete their paperwork and training at their own pace, from their own device.

Self-Serve Options

foundU offers cloud-based onboarding software that allows new hires to complete all their training and paperwork at their own pace. This empowers them to focus on their new job from day one, rather than getting bogged down with administrative tasks.

By incorporating these features into our onboarding process, foundU helps us ensure that new hires feel like a valued part of the team from the very beginning. This not only enhances their job satisfaction but also contributes to a robust company culture, ultimately benefiting our childcare services.

Incorporating these insights from foundU’s own expert advice on onboarding, we’ve been able to create a seamless, efficient, and employee-friendly onboarding process. This is yet another reason why Early Learning Management chooses foundU as its workforce management platform.

If you’re looking to enhance your childcare centre’s onboarding process and overall workforce management, don’t hesitate to reach out to Early Learning Management. Learn how foundU can revolutionise your operations today. Learn More

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