Childcare Financial Modelling

Do You Know Your Break Even Point?

Many childcare business owners do not understand the importance of the break-even point and how it is calculated. While breaking even might not seem like much of a business goal, it’s an essential reference for the financial success of the business. Your break-even points provide vital benchmarks in long-term planning. Knowing your break-even for areas such as bookings, and operations can help you with pricing, debt service and other functions of operating your business.


Early Learning Management’s spreadsheet modelling uses Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards. The Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards were first published in July 2003 by the Spreadsheet Standards Review Board (the ‘SSRB’), which was established by BPM Financial Modeling (now simply ‘BPM’).


The Early Learning Management modelling approach makes it the ideal tool for many tasks including historical reporting, budgeting & forecasting, analysing KPIs & critical ratios.

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