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Early Learning Management is under no obligation to update or correct this Report. The Recipient should determine, and will be deemed to have determined for itself, the relevance of the information contained in this Report and should consider its own financial situation, objectives and needs and conduct its own independent investigation and assessment of the contents of this Report, including obtaining investment, legal, tax, accounting and other such other advice as it considers necessary or appropriate. The Recipient must make its own independent assessment and investigation of such matters as it considers relevant or necessary in deciding whether to participate in any transaction contemplated under the Report or in connection with the Permitted Purpose. Any such decision must be based upon that assessment and investigation. The Recipient acknowledges neither it nor Early Learning Management intends that Early Learning Management act or be responsible as a fiduciary to the recipient, its officers, employees, security holders, creditors or any other person.  Each of the Recipients and Early Learning Management, by accepting and providing this report respectively, expressly disclaims any fiduciary relationship and agrees it is responsible for making its own independent judgments with respect to any transaction and any other matters arising in connection with this Report or the Permitted Purpose. Early Learning Management and (and each member of the Group) disclaims any responsibility to any person arising directly or indirectly from the unauthorised use or distribution of this report.

Early Learning Management has prepared this report based on a agreed scope of work and acts in all professional matters as an advisor to the Recipient and exercises all reasonable skill and care in the provision of its professional services in a manner consistent with the level of care and expertise exercised by members of the childcare management profession. Except where expressly stated, Early Learning Management has not verified the validity, accuracy or comprehensiveness of any information supplied to Early Learning Management for its reports. Reports prepared by Early Learning Management cannot be copied or reproduced in whole or part for any purpose without the prior written agreement of Early Learning Management. The validity and comprehensiveness of supplied information has not been independently verified and, for the purposes of this report, it is assumed that the information provided to Early Learning Management is both complete and accurate. The concepts and information contained in this document are the property of. Use or copying of this document in whole or in part without the written permission of Early Learning Management constitutes an infringement of copyright.

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