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COVID-19 ECEC Relief package

Business Continuity Payment

This week saw the first round of weekly payments (business continuity payment) for centres into their bank accounts and reflected in their CCMS software. The payment should reflect 50% of the reference period between Monday 17 February and Sunday 1 March 2020. Centres should receive this same amount on a weekly basis with a review planned in 4 weeks’ time. More information can be found here Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Exceptional Circumstances Supplementary payment

This supplementary payment is available for providers/services who may require a ‘top up’ on the base relief payment mentioned above. The supplementary payment is to help ensure the service remains viable. To apply, an online form will be made available today, 9th April 2020 and providers will be notified when the form is available. Supporting reasons and documentation must be provided such as:

  • The reference period did not accurately reflect your usual situation, for example, you did not provide care for some of the reference fortnight OR
  • You need more support for the children currently in your care and or you are caring for more children, more often or for a longer time.

This will be an option for some of our clients that we can explore further detail once the application becomes available. The current fact sheet is here Coronavirus (COVID-19) ECS

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Success cannot be achieved without sufficient planning, inspiring leadership & strong management. John brings his 28 years experience, childcare management exposure, marketing & strategy skills, & digital knowledge to his Early Learning Management role. John’s expertise spans the broader childcare sector & brings a balanced approach with a robust strategic capability & thought leadership to the team. John has specialised experience in childcare restructures, governance & compliance, mergers & acquisitions, strategic planning, equity raisings & initial public offerings (IPO).

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