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Cliff Battley – BCom, PG Dip PA, PG Dip Psych, MPsych (Clinical)

Mental Health and Wellness in the Early Childcare Workplace

With over 25 years of experience in both mental and physical health, Cliff is a clinical psychologist, television presenter, author, adjunct university lecturer and accomplished key-note speaker. Having helped thousands achieve long-term positive change, he works with both individuals and groups in private therapy and organisational settings.

Cliff Battley Childcare

Cliff Battley – Registered Clinical Psychologist

Cliff’s work centres on the two relationships we all share: relationships with others (focusing on the management and development of successful personal and professional partnerships); and the most important relationship of all, the one we share with ourselves (with a dedicated and practical approach to building self-esteem, emotional intelligence and secure mental health).

Most recently, Cliff combined his clinical qualifications and organisational experience to create the Positive Change Workplace Mental Health and Wellness Training Series. A comprehensive suite of highly engaging, practical training modules targeting the commonly accepted predictors of mental health injuries and the personal skill sets essential to the management and mastery of those predictors. Effectively, the series guarantees managers and their staff the ability to satisfy the standards and enjoy the benefits of the Australian Work Health and Safety Act.

This year Cliff joined childcare sector leaders, Early Learning Management, who identified the upsurge in physical and mental demands on childcare Educators, to devise a sector specific program. Specifically, Early Learning Management sought to work directly with employers to provide ready-to-deploy resources and programs, to help childcare businesses raise standards, positively influence policy changes, and improve the quality of life of childcare educators.

Childcare has grown rapidly over the last 10 years, employing over 160,000 Early Childhood Educators and support employees. Legislation and regulation of the sector have contributed to a more robust governance system to ensure compliance and high quality, but this has filtered down to the frontline employees as more pressure and stress within their job. Childcare is a competitive sector, so this is another contributing factor in the challenges Early Childhood Professionals face, including bigger centres, meaning more employees and children to care for, and higher Provider and Family expectations.

The global coronavirus pandemic has dominated the past year. COVID-19 has had an immense impact across the world, causing rapid changes unimaginable a short time ago. With many children not attending education and care services for portions of 2020, service providers have increasingly implemented technology to provide ongoing learning and support to children and families.

Childcare Employees May Experience Stress From:

1. Increased exposure to illness and infection, especially heightened during COVID.

2. Psychological anxiety due to managing the emotional demands of children, families and colleagues.

3. Roster Management and work-life balance (e.g. family commitments, study, etc.).

4. Added pressure due to high staff turnover rates, time constraints, documentation expectations and more!


Childcare General work-related stress


In his spare time, Cliff enjoys hosting the ABC iView reality television series, The Ex-Files. He is the author of Bully Proof Your Child – A Handbook for Raising a Child with Superhero Self-Esteem. He has travelled over 60 countries and prides himself on his All-Blacks hero awareness. Cliff is a happily married father of two and counts his family as his greatest achievement.

Cliff Battley is a Clinical Psychologist. For more information on Cliff, head here.

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