Securing your Childcare Website

Securing your Childcare Website

Your childcare business‘ online presence is more valuable today than it ever has been. And where is the first place a client will go online to learn more about your business? Your website. This is why website security is so vitally important.

A client’s childcare website was compromised by attackers last week, very little security was in place… The website was compromised by attackers which could have potentially infected every device used to search their website, affecting your clients as well. Some attackers have malicious intents like distributing malware, using a site to attack other websites, jeopardising the brand reputation of your customers, your site becomes blacklisted or spamming the internet.

Our senior support engineers were able to contain the threat, and returned the website to normal within 12 hours.

We will do more than manage site updates and back up your site — our concierge-level WordPress support services are designed to move businesses forward and empower our customers to focus on what they do best.

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