Childcare Business Benefits

Centre Weekly Report

The Centre Weekly Report is the funnelling of childcare data from multiple applications used by the childcare sector & aligning the financial, payroll & Child Care Subsidy (CCS) data into the application to produce a childcare centric dashboard of financial, booking, optimisation, ratios & key performance indicators.

funnelling of childcare data

Key Areas of Expertise

  • API Childcare Payroll Data
    API Payroll / CCMS Data
  • Childcare Centre Snapshot
    Centre Snapshot
  • Childcare Cloud-Based Dashboard
    Cloud-Based Dashboard
  • Childcare Manual Data Manipulation
    Manual Data Manipulation
  • Childcare Reports
  • Childcare Room Snapshot
    Room Snapshot
  • Childcare Ratios/KPI's
  • Childcare Ease Of Use
    Ease Of Use
  • Childcare Award Engine
    Award Engine
  • Childcare Communication Portal
    Communication Portal

How Do You Benefit?

  • A Comprehensive View of Short-term Performance
  • Access the Latest Technology
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Save Time
  • Uses a Variety of Metrics to Show Performance Data

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