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Early learning management and Doctract are pleased to announce they have entered into a worldwide strategic partnership combining Early Learning Management’s childcare management services with Doctract’s cloud-based policy management services and next-gen technology.

Upton Street, Bundall, Queensland, Australia – Early Learning Management (ELM), a leading childcare management company, today announced it has partnered with Doctract, a policy management software company, to deliver a childcare policy and document management platform that is the perfect balance between compliance and ease of use. It’s a requirement for a childcare service to have policies and procedures in place under regulations 168 and 169 of the Education and Services National Regulations 2011.

This groundbreaking childcare management platform comes fully automated by the global leader Doctract. All important steps from adding or editing documents, receiving feedback, and finalising approvals to occasional reviews are fully integrated with customisable built-in notifications. In a recent interview, Rebecca Hutchison, Director of business and partnerships at ELM, when asked about who uses the Child Care Policy Management platform, said: “We work with any regulated organisations, non-profits, government, public and private companies, large or small.” When asked about the customisation options available, she later added, “And yes, no adding logos of all sizes, your content is branded, the layout and format set, allowing your commitment to compliance and regulatory vigour to become synonymous with your childcare centres’ culture.”

With Early Learning Management, companies have access to a true Cloud Platform that is easy to use, has an intuitive interface, dashboards, full-text search, built-in-workflow, attestation, and training. The most notable feature of ELM’s new product is that employees can sign-off on documents from a single click from their mobile device or workstation. You can even complete tests, view videos, and find any published document with the full-text search option. Companies already using this product describe it as an “Easy. Quick. Accessible. It’s like striking gold.”  Currently, many childcare businesses are already signing up to be among the first to take advantage of this new document management system.

But here’s the good news. Any business can join the raft of respected early learning organisations using the platform to optimise their policy management. With ELM, you will get to enjoy the best practice framework for your policies, processes, and procedures for assurance your standards meet the foremost in the field.

Quickly & easily obtain confirmation from your childcare educators that they have read policies & procedures with built-in attestation capabilities. Have confidence that each childcare educator is reviewing key documents whether it is for the entire organisation or a single team. Childcare educators can access new documents quickly & easily from their desktop or mobile device. 

One of the challenges of using traditional track changes in a document is losing track of versions or input.  Using the recommended single author process from DocTract keeps the document revision process under control. 

The platform tracks the comments, questions, responses, actions and versions of every document revision process as part of the natural revision process. This gives current and future authors insight into the evolution of a document and why specific revisions were completed.

Have a question on Childcare, Policy, Procedure, and Document Management? Look no further. Contact ELM today on 07 5592 5800 or email at and find out about their monthly subscription.

About Early Learning Management

With over 30 years of experience in the childcare niche, ELM is a respected organisation focusing on meeting the needs of owners, developers, and investors of childcare businesses in Australia. ELM provides practical solutions to the many challenges associated with building or managing a childcare business. Many businesses rely on their childcare management experience and related solutions to meet their specific needs and goals.


Early Learning Management – Childcare Operational Specialists 

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DocTract – Policy Management Cloud Platform

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