Childcare KPI Dashboard and Reporting

Dashboard Reporting & Forecasting for Childcare Businesses. Shift from a Legacy or Homegrown Reporting Solution to a Modern Dashboard!

Designed for use as a forecasting, reporting and decision-making platform, The Service Centre was designed to help people in the childcare sector establish sound childcare business decisions. It is suitable for use by childcare Approved Providers, Nominated Supervisors, Service Managers, decision-makers, and investors. The Service Centre is cloud-based, so access is worldwide through a laptop computer, tablet computer or the like.

Early Learning Management confirms the data is stored in a Federal Government approved enterprise-class cloud hosting solution within Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sydney, Australia. The Federal Government approved the Cloud solution, as it complies with the Privacy Act, the Australian Government Information Security Manual, and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment requirements. We are committed to protecting personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).

Weekly Operational Reporting, Report Management, COVID-19 Schedules, Enquiry Tracker, CRM, Budget Tracker, Policy Management and Forecasting.

Helping Your Childcare Business Grow, Improve & Develop

I LOVE THIS DASHBOARD!! Thank you to you, John & the whole team. Still playing around – but it’s handy to have everything at my finger tips. Thanks for everything!

Michelle McCarthy, Approved Provider

The Service Centre Dashboard is very useful, I like that we can track budgets and also the weekly KPI reports not only is it great for the owners but also for us to showcase what great things we may be working on, or even what extra support we might be needing.
I also think its easy to navigate once you learn it all. I like all of the charts and how after a period of time you can see whether certain things like occupancy has gone up or down. Overall really love using it as a tool for the service operations.

Kristine Evdokias, Nominated Supervisor

Jamie Vella, Nominated Supervisor

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AWS Childcare

Our Services

  • Break-Even Analysis
    Break-Even Analysis
  • Childcare Financial Modelling
    Childcare Financial Modelling
  • Childcare Orientated
    Childcare Specialists
  • Childcare Regulation and Policy
    Childcare Regulation & Policy
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Comprehensive Reporting
  • Dynamics and Drivers
    Dynamics & Drivers
  • Childcare Financials Modelling
    Weekly /Monthly Financials
  • Industry Data Way
    Industry Data 3-Way
  • Key Ratios and Statistics
    Key Ratios & Statistics
  • Line by Line Assumptions
    Line by Line Assumptions
  • One Service to Large Consolidations
    One Service to Large Consolidations
  • child-care and safety service
  • Trends In Child Care 2020

  • Room by Room analysis

How Do You Benefit?

  • Access Timely Experienced Commercial Advice
  • Revenue, Expenses, Profit & Cash Scenarios
  • Simple, Clear & Easy-to-Understand KPI’s
  • Family Groups & Multiple Entities
  • Deal With Issues In Real-time
  • Gain Insight When You Need It
  • Maximise Opportunities
  • Minimise Risk
Childcare Business Benefits

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