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What Is Google Ads (PPC) Management and Who Needs It?

Google Ads (PPC) Management is an online marketing model that involves the placement of ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) and other specifically targeted web pages. The purpose of this strategy is to drive traffic to your childcare website using paid ads. These clickable ads direct visitors to a landing page or website specified by the childcare owner.

For example, you want to drive potential customers to a page dedicated to your childcare services. You create a compelling advertisement highlighting your special offer on childcare bookings. People searching childcare in your area  who need that service are more likely to see and click on that ad. That is instant traffic brought to you by Early Learning Managements services.


It’s A Cost-effective Way To Advertise

Google Ads is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. Why you may ask? Here’s the lowdown.

If you advertise in a newspaper, on television, or on a billboard, you pay for the space that your ad occupies. You’ll nearly pay an arm & a leg for a 4 cm square in a local magazine or in the newspaper, and billboard costs can be upwards of thousands of dollars. Google Ads adopts the same idea of an ad in a newspaper or magazine, except your ad shows up in search engines. This leads a lot of people to believe that you have to pay for that real estate in search engine results, but that’s one of the huge benefits of Google Ads — you don’t!

Instead of paying for the space that your ad takes up in results pages, you only pay Google for your ad when someone clicks on it. Winning!


It Delivers Fast Results

If you’re looking for another reason to adopt a Google Ads campaign, the time it takes to deliver results is fantastic.

Since ads start to display for your targeted keywords as soon as you make a bid on that keyword & have a great quality score, it’s not out of the question to see more traffic to your website within the first week of starting your Google Ads campaign. When it comes to other long-term strategies, like SEO (search engine optimisation) or email marketing, it can take a few months to really reap the benefits — though those benefits are amazing, and worth the wait.

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It’s Hyper-targeted

Many marketing tactics allow you to use targeting to reach your most qualified customers, and Google Ads is no exception. In fact, Google Ads is one of the most highly-targeted strategies available. Your ads allow you to target your specific audience with specific content that is most valuable to them.

Here are a few ways Google Ads allows you to target your audience:

  • Demographics
  • In-market
  • Custom intent
  • Remarketing
  • Similar audiences
  • Content keywords
  • You can hand-craft the keywords you use to target a specific demographic or search intent, too.
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It Hand-feeds Consumers An Easy Way To Convert

With Google Ads ads, it’s like hand-feeding your customers an easy way to complete bookings. That’s because after a user clicks on one of your ads, they are served a landing page.

A landing page includes an element that entices users to take the next step in the enquiry/booking process, whether it be providing you with their email address, or even making an enquiry. Some examples of landing pages would be a page with a contact form on it, a page with an enquiry form.

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It Increases Revenue

Google Ads ads can increase your revenue — simply due to the increased traffic to your website, the effectiveness of landing pages, & Google Ads management cost.

The combination of these three key features of a Google Ads ad allows you to see a huge revenue increase for your childcare business, and quickly. As soon as you win a bid for an ad in the childcare sector, those ads are live — meaning that they can be served to users who search for the keyword that you choose to target. Google Ads ads ensure that you take up valuable real estate at the top of a results page, which helps you to gain more traffic to your childcare website.

In fact, on average, 41% of clicks go to the top three paid ads that show up on search engine results pages. That means that ad clicks account for nearly half the clicks that are made on the

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How We Do It

We gather information about you and your business. We learn about your goals and your Google Ads budget, and then create a customised campaign. A dedicated Google Ads specialist will manage and monitor your campaign throughout the cycle. Like any type of content, we make sure your ads have the best performing keywords in your niche.

Google Ads allows you to reach your childcare audience where they’re already looking, & gain the advantage against competitors.

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