Business Systems Advisory

“Business systems” refers to the integrated and interconnected processes, procedures, principles & functions of a business. Often a childcare business begins with simple systems but does not upgrade or develop those systems as it grows. The childcare business may end up with various applications designed to address different elements of the business method, & this may become out-of-date & unproductive. Sometimes a childcare business signs up for an app that delivers far more than it will ever require & therefore pays for a service not valuable.

Start Up Childcare Business

As your childcare business evolves, your systems need to grow and change & develop. The composition of the entity and the operations may vary. The type of information you require from your financial reports may also change over time.

We can work with you to analyse your prevailing systems to determine if they are achieving your goals or specific results. Are all your applications working together? Are the methods used in business transactions efficiently & effectively? Do you need to simplify or lessen the systems?

Implementing efficient & appropriate systems has various positive effects: minimising wasted time; increasing efficiency, productivity & effectiveness; reducing the impact of staff leaving, as the systems will continue to drive the processes rather than being heavily reliant on personal knowledge; & creating metrics of business performance.

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