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“Fiscus, from which comes the English term fiscal, was the name of the personal chest of the emperors of Rome. The word is literally translated as “basket” or “purse” & was used to describe those forms of revenue collected from the provinces, which were then granted to the emperor.”

Fiscus BI is an innovative application (has been a dream for the last ten years) that is under development & will replace all excel spreadsheets & aid in simplifying the Centre Weekly Reporting, Budget Tracker, Debt Tracker & Food Budget Tracker. Fiscus BI will have various API (Application Programming Interface) functionality across several platforms. Fiscus BI design is highly reactive so that it is responsive & fast across a range of devices. There are several time-saving initiatives underway within the technology with the user experience being paramount for ease of use & clear visualisation. All data will be encrypted with a 256-bit encryption level, & the data exchanged with Fiscus BI encrypted with 128-bit SSL.

As a managed client of Early Learning Management, we are happy to include Fiscus BI free of charge. More information next month!

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