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Education Council the 2018–19 ACECQA Annual Report

According to The Board of the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), the 2018-2019 year was characterised with four main challenges in the children’s education and care sector – efficiency, accountability and transparency, consistency and quality. Children’s education and care in Australia is a subject of constant development and increasing popularity. More specifically, parents nowadays are more concerned than ever of what their children are getting as education. The focus is mainly on the culture of the organisations providing this education – whether they are focused on learning and growth or the traditional teaching and disciplinary methods.


Reaching higher efficiency in the children’s education and care sector was one of the main challenges in the previous year. More exactly, the demand for high-quality services has been constantly increasing. Due to this fact, rural and remote communities in Australia had a problem with supplying a competent and experienced workforce.

An essential part of the National Quality Framework (NQF) is the national IT system. The system was mainly developed to deliver ongoing improvements in the approved providers-regulatory authorities’ relationship.

The goal of ACECQA was to implement various upgrades in the IT system and cooperate with the government to minimise the regulatory burden on these services. The children’s education and care services should be equally available and cost-efficient for all Australian citizens, the ultimate idea of this revolution.

Accountability and Transparency

In today’s society, being transparent with your information has become an inevitable part of functioning and improvement. For this cause, ACECQA made all the data concerning the progress of the NQF available to the people in Australia. But how you, as a parent, can benefit from this?

The information consists of detailed reports of the state in this sector, including the performance of services in a particular location and socio-economical status of the community. Reviewing these thorough facts can help you understand the providers of childcare services and even serve as a basis for change in this sector.


Another great challenge in the children’s education and care sector was consistency. The overall goal of ACECQA is to promote consistency in the childcare practice at a national level. They are willing to establish a standard which will be followed by each and every childcare service provider. However, their initial focus is on the way that the operations of the providers and services will be regulated.

Working on this issue will provide expanded training programs for service providers. More exactly, this will be extremely useful for all Australian people – considering the fact that you will be leaving your children to professionals with better-built skills and knowledge.


When it comes to quality, ACECQA is focused on providing innovative programs, services and resources which are appropriate to the changing needs of the childcare’s education and care sector. More specifically, the ACECQA instructed Early Childhood Australia to develop The Educational Leader Resource, which was downloaded more than 11,000 times and classified as extremely useful in the sector. Additionally, ACECQA provides valuable resources. This can be noticed in their average unique website visits of 102,000. Finally, ACECQA organised more than 70 events and conferences in the previous year, both nationally and internationally. These kinds of experiences mean a great deal to educators because they allow them to improve their in-service and professionalism.

All in all, ACECQA is focused on initiating growth and sustainability in the childcare’s education and care sector. Their main goal is to include the educators, families and the sector in this process. If you need assistance with your service, please contact Early Learning Management.  Services cover financial modelling, monthly reporting, full suite management, payroll, advisory & digital marketing. 


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