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Your childcare business’ online presence is more valuable today than it ever has been. And where is the first place a client will go online to learn more about your business? Your website. This is why website security is so vitally important. A client’s childcare website was compromised by attackers
  Rebecca Hutchison    November 13, 2019
Childcare Consultancy & Advisory
When applying for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for a new service, the Australian Government has introduced a new requirement – applicants must supply a Child Care Provider Governance business plan. In short, to be considered fit and proper, providers must satisfy the Secretary that their organisation has sufficient governance to
  John Hutchison    November 7, 2019
Operations The Operations Team have been racking up the frequent flyer points across four states; covering management, development, grants and consultancy. This month has been spent working in the mining area of Middlemount Qld. The project was establishing an Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) in Middlemount Community School. Meetings were
  John Hutchison    August 13, 2019
It is our mission to continually shape our client’s experience via modern tools, connected processes and personalised interactions.   Budgeting and forecasting is a fundamental element of your financial plan. The finance team are in the final development/integration stage of new financial reporting. The new reporting has seamless integration with
  John Hutchison    August 13, 2019
Occupancy lagging, What’s your competition up to? How does your digital space reflect your childcare service? Time to take action! 2020 Digital Design is a group of marketing professionals providing quality services to childcare services. With over 28 years of experience in the childcare management industry, we can customise our
  Rebecca Hutchison    July 16, 2019
Financial manager computing
It is our mission to continually shape our client’s experience via modern tools, connected processes and personalised interactions. All our managed clients have now received their 3-year Forecast Model Pack, and all budgets are now set in Xero. These budgets are reviewed at the end of each financial year, and
  Rebecca Hutchison    July 16, 2019
Business meeting
You’ve run through all the opportunities, and the conclusion is clear – you’ve got the ambition to develop Australia’s next best childcare business. Great decision – opening your own childcare business is an excellent way to combine your passions and expertise into a rewarding entrepreneurial outcome. Like all new business
  John Hutchison    June 20, 2019
Childcare Marketing Strategies
When it comes to building a childcare business, online marketing is not something to shy away from. Your online presence is just as visible as your brick-and-mortar presence, and then some—therefore it deserves some TLC. Marketing for a childcare business is something that anyone can do with the help of
  John Hutchison    June 5, 2019
Early Learning Management
Following the federal election, with the promise of lower taxes seemingly enough to sway voters. What does it mean now that we know the Coalition has held power? Firstly, they were strongly averse to Labor’s four core policies mentioned above, so taxpayers don’t need to worry about the points being
  Rebecca Hutchison    June 5, 2019
childcare consultant
A childcare business paired with the right childcare consultant can achieve greatness in the strategic development of a professional childcare business. The role of your childcare consultant will not be to tell you how you should run your business; instead, he or she will work with you to help you
  John Hutchison    June 4, 2019
Childcare Marketing
Cost effective childcare marketing involves delivering sales targets at minimal costs. The need for cost-effective marketing is even more critical for small scale childcare centres. Mounting a costly and colossal marketing campaign with conventional models may hurt profitability for your small business. The good thing is that today there are
  John Hutchison    June 4, 2019
childcare forecasting
We have been busy working on up-to-date forecasts for all our managed centres and will have these budgets all rolled out before the end of the financial year. This allows our managed centres to start the new financial year fresh with accurate and up to date information and be aware
  Rebecca Hutchison    May 20, 2019