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A Brief Guide to Plan Your Childcare Operations

A Brief Guide to Plan Your Childcare Operations starts with drawing up a business plan for your childcare business is essential, irrespective of what size or scale your business is off. A smart business plan takes operational needs of your childcare service into account, ensuring a smooth growth throughout. Policies & procedures are two fundamental decision-making tools to help set goals & hopes for your childcare venture. Most of your policies & procedures might lead to financial targets, including your annual turnover & viability of the business. Early Learning Management will help you prepare & operate your business. Early Learning Management will walk you through the step-by-step process of starting the business, from assessing the need for child care services to selecting the service, setting up your business & preparing for opening day. Early Learning Management (Early Learning Management) specialises in optimal childcare operations.

Exacting operational procedures do require in-depth knowledge from diverse disciplines including human resource management, finance, marketing & sales, operations management & many more. This might sound like a mammoth of tasks to you, but for the seasoned professionals of Early Learning Management, it is what they do best! Followings are the essential elements that get into your planning for the childcare operations –

Regulatory Obligations Impacting Childcare Operations

An expert on the field knows the ins & outs of the sector. It’s indispensable for you to learn about local authority legalities for operating a childcare service, including safety regulations & licensing. In specific instances, there are regulations on numbers of children one should provide care to, as well as necessary training & certifications that you need to possess including Diploma/Degree in CPR or early childhood development. A person or an entity operating a childcare service must hold a provider approval & a service approval issued by the regulatory authority. A service approval is granted subject to conditions—the service must, for example:

  • ensure the safety, health & wellbeing of the children,
  • meet the educational & developmental needs of the children &
  • comply with any conditions prescribed by the National Law or in the Regulations, or by the regulatory authority.

Managing Human Resource Concerns for Your Childcare Service

There are human resource concerns to be considered, like staff qualification & creating the payroll. Managing the human resource element in any childcare service business can be complex & challenging. Each of us is unique – we have our own personality, approach to life & of course, work ethic. The HR factor in a childcare service must encompass the educator to child ration at all times. The National Quality Framework (NQF) sets out the minimum qualification & educator to child ratio requirements for children’s education & care services.

Day-To-Day Operations Management

Next thing to be taken into account is how you propose to operate your childcare facility. You will want to work out difference operational concerns including – services to put on offer, operating hours, course materials, contracts/agreements, children’s meal etc. If it’s a home-based facility, you will need to determine if you would require any sort of modification in your existing set of the property including remolding of sharp edges, fire extinguisher, fences, bathroom tiles & the like. Alongside, you better consider buying liability insurance to secure your property against calamities.

Each of the points above has different terms of duration. Developing them efficiently will not only guide you through but also motivate as you’ll learn about where your business will be in the next 5-10 years.


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