5 Childcare Marketing Strategies That Will Drive Traffic

When it comes to building a childcare business, online marketing is not something to shy away from. Your online presence is just as visible as your brick-and-mortar presence, and then some—therefore it deserves some TLC. Marketing for a childcare business is something that anyone can do with the help of online tools that are already available to the public. A study has shown 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Therefore, it’s crucial to put online marketing on the same plane as your other childcare management responsibilities.

Simple Childcare Marketing Strategies You Can Start On Today

  1. Make your website flawless

Think of your website as the foyer of your dream childcare business. Is it welcoming? Easy to find? As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and devoting time to a quality website is a near-guaranteed way to make a great one. Ensure your site keeps the user experience in mind—make calls to action clear and visible, and be sure to include images to entice readers. Images of children are always good candidates, but secure permission from parents before posting them up. Grammar mistakes and stale copywriting can cause severe damage to your first impression, so elect a content expert if you do decide to start self-publishing.

  1. Create a profile in an online directory

No website yet? No problem! There are plenty of local online directory sites ready and waiting for you to set up shop. Once you’re listed, you’re privy to a ton of new exposure—and exposure means traffic in all childcare marketing strategies. Keep in mind that not every online directory is cost-free, but you can find a list of some of Australia’s best ones here.

Marketing for a Childcare Business Can Be Easy

  1. Use social media for advertising your childcare business

According to a study, mothers with young children are the most active social media users. That’s a big deal for folks like us! To get even more specific, mums with children under five are two times as likely as the rest of us to use social media. Their preferred platform is Facebook. Given such, an active Facebook presence is a must for all childcare businesses—and without a proper strategy, a Facebook presence is lost. Have a look at the infographic below for some fresh ideas on using Facebook:

  1. Launch a blog for your childcare business

This strategy can also work if you’re still without a website. A single blog can be the most powerful of all the childcare marketing strategies you can try because it’s an opportunity to share the heart and story of your childcare business. And there’s no fancy marketing degree necessary to understand that stories sell. If you decide to include blogs as part of your strategy, ensure that your designated content expert has the time to update it regularly. Nothing reeks of “uninvolved childcare management” like a blog updated weeks ago. For your first go-around at blogging without a website, try Tumblr or Blogger on for size. And maybe for your second, give us a call to set up a childcare content marketing strategy that will put your enrolments on autopilot.

  1. Start a weekly email marketing campaign

As all childcare professionals know, parents LOVE communication. A well-thought-out email marketing campaign is a great way to do it in a way they’ll remember. Email marketing is also one of the most affordable ways to stay in touch with prospective parents and enrolled parents alike. Always keep your email blasts short and to-the-point and ensure they’re relevant to your audience. If you’re struggling with ideas for conversion-optimised email marketing campaigns, we’re here to help—just give us a call.

Ready to put your enrolments on autopilot? Call Naomi today at 07 5592-5800 for a free childcare marketing strategy consultation.

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