3-year Forecast Model Packs | Childcare

It is our mission to continually shape our client’s experience via modern tools, connected processes and personalised interactions. All our managed clients have now received their 3-year Forecast Model Pack, and all budgets are now set in Xero. These budgets are reviewed at the end of each financial year, and figures are updated accordingly. The forecast is based on the childcare service’s historical performance, assumptions about the future, balance sheet, and supporting assumptions. Each month the Finance team undertake rolling budgeting and planning, including reforecasting if required and performing budget variance analysis. During the month of June, we sent out a short survey to our managed clients asking pertinent questions about the 3-year Forecast Model Pack and the effect on their childcare business.

This took place to allow us to evaluate our client’s needs, expectations and outcomes for their childcare business. The Break-Even Data and the childcare orientated ratios were found to be very important and easy to understand. We want to get to know our managed clients on a deeper level to provide personalised service – service beyond expectations. We are currently exploring an approach to deliver dashboard monthly reporting.

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